Choosing a Good Smell Proof Backpack For Traveling

June 07, 2021 1 min read

When traveling, you inevitably sweat, especially if you are walking long distances and hiking through the countryside (especially if it gets a bit wet). If you are also smoking weed, the chances are that smell combined with lingering sweat and moisture is not going to be attractive. Therefore, it helps to invest in a good smell proof backpack for traveling.


There is also a courtesy aspect to this as well- if you’re staying at a hostel then the people sharing a room with you may not want to smell weed in their room and some cases, this can even apply to hotel rooms if the weed smell is strong enough.

This is why it helps to find a backpack that has been designed with odor prevention in mind. For example, PB & J’s offers a smell proof backpack with Seedless’ own Traptech design. The non-permeable and waterproof material combines a vegan faux leather with four inner layers (utilizing both permeable and semi-permeable materials such as activated charcoal), ideal for keeping the smell out (however, it should be noted that this applies to the main compartment, not the side pockets or the small outer pocket.) Another example is the Limited Edition Flower Life bag, which has a very clean appearance with a classic style to it.

The right one for you

Seedless Clothing is a brand dedicated to designing and making the best products to suit your lifestyle. Visit the backpacks page for more information on our smell proof backpacks to find the best one to support your particular travelling needs.

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