Benefits of Cannabis Rolling Trays- Here’s Everything You Need To Know

June 02, 2021 1 min read

For a lot of people, rolling a joint is a reasonably simple way to smoke cannabis. However, it can be difficult if you don’t have a flat surface to properly roll them out, something that can be tricky if you’re at a festival or you’re at a crowded party and there’s not a lot of room. This is just one example of the benefits that using a rolling tray can offer.

Less mess

Cannabis Rolling trays also reduce the risk of mess as there’s more of an area to spread out the weed while rolling (crucially this also means you spill and lose less while rolling as well).

Another way to reduce mess while rolling is to use a larger cannabis rolling tray with an additional pocket compartment for the weed. This then makes it easier to store other things like scissors and papers. Smaller trays won’t have this compartment, though they do have the advantage of being more portable.

The right one for you

Choosing the perfect cannabis rolling tray will also depend on how you smoke. If you’re only smoking one or two then you are less likely to need a larger tray, while a larger surface area is useful if you intend to roll quite a few joints over an extended period of time.

Seedless Clothing offers a range of distinct cannabis rolling trays, each designed to fit your particular smoking style. Have a look on the website today to find the ideal tray for you.

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