Hemp Clothing Benefits- A Sustainable Choice for Cannabis Apparel!

June 14, 2021 1 min read

While people talk about the environmental damage caused by industrialized farming, air travel and vehicles, it is easy to forget that the clothing we wear can be equally damaging. A big problem is the amount of water needed in order to produce the cotton shirts, underwear and other clothing that contribute to our ever-evolving fashion culture. And themed cannabis apparel is no different.

One way to address this is by choosing a more environmentally friendly form of clothing- hemp.

Good for the environment

Hemp is not only a material that uses 80 per cent less energy to create clothing from than cotton. It is also something that grows faster, making it more sustainable as the plants can be replaced quicker. In addition to this, hemp clears the air and regenerates the soil, thus having a positive effect on the environment.

It is estimated that for every ton of hemp produced for clothing, 1.63 tons of carbon gets cleared from the air. So this potentially could help to offset environmental damage across apparel-producing countries.

Hemp is also a great material to wear. As a material, it tends to be softer, wearing in as opposed to out, effectively making it more durable than a lot of the more disposable clothing that people buy on a day to day basis.

A Full Range of Cannabis Apparel

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