driPpin Facemask

Spread good vibes not viruses.
features "driPpin" designby @zokeone

Stay Safe Stay Clean & Think Green with this buff style mask that is reusable, washable, non-medical  everyday use cloth mask

comes with 1 free spray bottle of seedleSs hand/phone sanitizer made by FeelGood brand sanitizer.
What's the only thing dirtier than your hands? hows bout the thing your touching with your hands all day . . . your phone.  what we love most about this sanitizer mini spray bottle is how easy it is to apply to your hands and phone plus it fits in your pocket.  I spray everything with this stuff, my hands, my phone, the bong, shopping cart handle, steering wheel, whatever needs it! sanitizer by www.feelgoodsantizer.com  great quality sanitizer check em out. 

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